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safety accessories for Christmas

Give the gift of safety this Christmas

Stay safe this Christmas – with daylight shrinking, riding your bike on the streets can come with a lot of hazards. Stay visible with our Arrowhere high-visibility jackets and safety equipment, illumination lights, and LED helmets.

Pedelec 2.0

Fluorescent high visibility in low light. Reflective bands, rear micro USB light and a rain cover!

Serfas E-Lume Combo ESC – 350

Great visibility + value

Serfas E-Lume Combo ESM – 600

Incredible enhanced illumination front and back.

Serfas E-Lume 1000 Headlight

Excellent side visibility, and improved battery capacity and LED performance.


We’re very picky with the safety equipment we stock in-store. We’re dedicated to only the best and safest on the market. We have a large range of cool colours, there’s no need to sacrifice chic, urban style in order to protect your noggin!


Designed in Calgary, ArroWhere waterproof jackets and vests feature some clever technology to keep cyclists safe on the road. On the back of each jacket is a giant, reflective arrow, visible for up to ⅓ of a mile, that directs motorists to pass to the left and allow a wide berth. Motorists, conditioned to obey traffic signs, see that big arrow and get the message to go around. The jackets also boast waterproof zippers, vents and fleece-lined collar and pockets.


Stay visible – and see where you’re going! Our Serfas Illumination products are made to improved rider visibility. They’ve designed an all new optical lens and housing with front corner cutouts to allow drastically more light be visible when viewed from either side – and this all without any reduction in quality of forward illumination or beam pattern.

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