Blix: Packa Cargo eBike

Our Price:

Single Battery$2,795.00
Dual Battery$3,395.00
The Packa finally adds an affordable option to the electric cargo bike market
With a total length of only 81 inches, the Packa is just a tad bit larger than a regular bike. The 24” wheels and low step-over frame allow for a low center of gravity and easy handling.

  • Bring the kids! Fits up to 2 child seats.
  • Get out of the car and onto a bike
  • Dual-battery system for extended range
  • Powerful 750-Watt motor & Dual 48V battery
  • 24” wheels
  • Carry up to 200lbs
  • Easy to ride. Easy to store.
  • 2 x BATTERY,2 x RANGE (1.171Wh)
  • Dual Battery $3395
  • 48V batteries
MotorPowerful 750-Watt motor
Top Speed32km
Pedal Assist5 Levels of pedal assist
Length81 inches