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Sol 48V 14Ah Electric Cruiser Bike
Sol [sool]: sun in Swedish Combining smart and stylish design with cruiser comfort, the Sol is one of the lowest step-through electric cruisers available. Whether you're ready to get on a bike again, looking for a laid-back ride around the neighborhood or simply want a bike that is super easy to get on and off—the Sol is for you. Take it for a ride!

  • Laid-back, relaxed riding comes naturally with the Sol. Sitting on 27.5" wheels and comfortable 2.2” tires, you’ll glide effortlessly over pavement and hard-packed trails. Equipped with wide, swept-back handlebars and a wide seat, you will experience the most comfortable and natural fit while riding.
  • Go low, ride with confidence. The sleek curves of its super low single downtube makes it incredibly easy for any rider to mount and dismount regardless of flexibility, mobility or confidence levels.
  • The Sol’s 7-speed Shimano twist shifter is intuitive for any level of rider. Mechanical disc-brakes with automatic motor cutoff keep speed in check, and the stay-mounted kickstand offers stable parking anywhere without interfering with the cranks.
  • To optimize riding experience, the battery is placed low under the rider’s weight to provide an even weight distribution and a very low center of gravity. The result: a stable, sturdy and pleasant riding experience. To charge the battery, flip the seat up for easy access to remove and plug-in. You can also lock the battery to the frame with the provided key. Isn’t it nice when things are easy?
  • Get between 30 to 75km per charge
  • 48v 14ah
Motor48 Volt Powerful 500W rear-hub motor
Top Speed32 KPH top speed
Pedal AssistResponsive 5 levels of electric pedal assist — choose how much support you are looking for!
Height16.5” seat-tube & 27.5” x 2.2” tire
Weight49 lbs