Specialized Como 3.0

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Or ~$108.00/Month (36 Months)
A sleek & stylish design with award-winning technology, gives you an extra jolt of power & makes riding as fun as it is functional! The Turbo Como’s Specialized 1.2 motor emphasizes efficiency & range, fully integrated in the frame & custom-tuned for city riding. It intuitively reacts to the force of your pedaling, so the harder you pedal, the more power it delivers. An internal belt drive design, without added vibration gives you the smoothest & most silent ride!

  • Ride up to 110K in Eco mode, 3 levels of pedal assist
  • Custom 460 Wh battery fully integrated with the frame, removable for easy charging, and lockable for added security.
  • The custom low-Entry aluminum frame cleanly houses the battery and motor, Keeping it lightweight.
  • Integrated front and rear lights
  • 460 watt hour
MotorSpecialized 1.2 E, custom Rx Street-tuned motor, 250W
Top Speed32kph
Pedal Assist3 Levels