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Since 2014, when Blix designed and built their first e-bike, thousands of folks have ditched their cars for a more enjoyable ride on the most stylish, comfortable e-bike around. They build every ebike with a unique combination of sleek design and high performance, specifically made for everyday transportation and leisure riding.

Blix set’s the standard for world-class support and convenience. Their team of ebike experts is always available, and they make sure you always have a local point of contact for as long as you own your Blix.

Blix: Packa Cargo eBike
The Packa finally adds an affordable option to the electric cargo bike market
Single Battery$2,795.00$77.70/mo (36 mos)
Dual Battery$3,395.00$94.30/mo (36 mos)
Electric Folding Bike
Or ~$68.00/Month (36 Months)
Sol 48V 14Ah Electric Cruiser Bike
Or ~$66.00/Month (36 Months)
Aveny Electric City Bike
Classic Electric City 48V 14Ah Bike
Or ~$75.00/Month (36 Months)
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