Mobile and In-Store E-Bike Service

Mobile Service for your electric bicycle anywhere in Victoria!

Victoria Electric Bicycles offers a complete mobile service for all types of electric bicycles, meaning we’ll come direct to your door to ensure you can keep riding!

Talk about peace of mind. Now you have a choice: you can visit our store and have a dedicated, experienced mechanic work on your e-bike OR we will come straight to your door to and offer unparalleled service on your electric bike.

Our mobile service centre includes a fully stocked inventory of parts and equipment needed to work on electric bikes and we can travel anywhere within the city. And because we only service electric bicycles, you’re guaranteed to receive fast, professional workmanship.

  • Ideal for Weekenders
    $$0/ YearFree, Always
    • Anytime 32-point tune ups
    • $150 2-hour bike maintenance
    • Bike Maintenance 1-20 day wait
    • Bike Repair labour $15-$75 charge
  • Perfect for Yearly Commuters
    $$325/ Year$27/month
    • Get 2 32-point tune ups
    • $125 2-hour bike maintenance
    • Bike Maintenance 1-5 day wait
    • Includes bike repair
    • Local fun ride registration fee waived
  • Amazing for Busy Riders
    $$499/ Year$45/month
    • Get 2 32-point tune ups
    • Mobile service at home or work
    • Bike Maintenance 1-2 day wait
    • 1 free mobile bike repair

*Each plan covers only one eBike
**Plans can up upgraded, downgraded, or cannceled at anytime.

Standard Bike Repair Rates

  • Tire repair per tire (in-store) $25
  • Mobile bike service $60-$90
  • Bike Pick-up $60-$90
  • Bike Drop-off $60-$90
  • Brake alignment and small tune $25-$45


*Must have purchased your bike with us before.