Specialized: COMO 5.0 LOW ENTRY 650B
Or ~$145.00/Month (36 Months)
Specialized: Turbo Como 2.0 Low-Entry 650b
Get inspired, get out, get moving, and to have some fun along the way.
Or ~$102.00/Month (36 Months)
Specialized: Turbo Vado 4.0
The Specialized Turbo Vado Will Make You Fall in Love with E-bikes
Or ~$143.90/Month (36 Months)
Citi 1.0
So light and so powerful … Less than 18 kg.,
Or ~$72.08/Month (36 Months)
Aveny Electric City Bike
Classic Electric City 48V 14Ah Bike
Or ~$75.00/Month (36 Months)
28″ City Commuter Black Edition
48V 10AH $4,895.00$136.20/mo (48 mos)
48V 15AH $5,295.00$147.33/mo (48 mos)
City Commuter
48V 10AH$3,895.00$108.38/mo (48 mos)
48V 15AH$4,295.00$119.51/mo (48 mos)
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