Why buy an
Electric Bike?

Here's 5 Reasons...

1- For Fun

Find the freedom and joy of getting outside again. Ride effortlessly through town or country. Your ride will always be worry-free because of Pedego’s famous quality, dependability and long-term durability backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. All Pedego Electric Bicycles come with a 2-year tire to tire warranty and a 3-year warranty on our top-of-the-line Lithium Battery. We dare you to ride a Pedego Electric Bicycle and not SMILE at the same time… It’s impossible.

2 – Commuting

Imagine riding to work and not being soaked in sweat. With up to 100 km of range and the ease of pedal assist, commute effortlessly and have fun riding to work. Imagine not having to stop for gas and not having to worry about parking. Imagine bragging to your friends that it only costs about 10 cents to charge your battery vs $60 or more to fill your car. A Pedego Electric Bicycle could replace your second car and may just become your favourite means of transportation!

3 – Exercise

Pedego’s 5 levels of pedal assist and on-demand throttle allow you to exercise at any level you want with comfort and ease. Pedal as little or as much as you wish and do it at up to 32 KM per hour. Make exercise FUN again. Turn exercise into an adventure: load your baskets with lunch and turn a normal day into a full day of exercise and FUN.

4 - Rehabilitation

There are many great stories of people having gained mobility and strength from using Pedego Electric Bicycles. Some people would never have started riding again if it were not for Pedal Assisted Bicycles. Whether you pedal easy, moderate or hard, Our Pedego Electric Bicycles will assist and strengthen you while you are having the time of your life!

5 – Transportation

For many owners, a Pedego electric bicycle has become their second car. It’s great for shopping, groceries, commuting, errands, and numerous reasons NOT to drive a car. The money saved and the carbon footprint reduced will make you feel proud. The more you use your Pedego the less you will want to drive your car. It happens to everyone. Check out some interesting facts below of CAR vs. E BIKE.